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Thread: Modern ComboBox select event on focus leave

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    Question Modern ComboBox select event on focus leave

    Use Case: I'm using combobox to search for some data, typing first letters of searched value will open list with possible values. I want to check somewhere in the page or switch to another window and I'm clicking outside of combobox.
    Current behavior: Combobox will lose focus and select event will be fired in case that the user didn't select anything from combobox
    Expected: Combobox will lose focus and list will be closed. Searched value will stay in the input field.

    Can I walk around this behavior somehow? Do you think that this is UX issue?

    I need behavior like google search. Type something in the input -> opens you list with suggestions -> click outside of list and input -> close the list and nothing is selected.

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    Implement an assertValueOnBlur config:

    Ext.define(null, {
        override: 'Ext.form.field.ConboBox',
        // True by default to maintain backwards compatible behaviour
        assertValueOnBlur: true
        completeEdit: function(e) {
            var me = this, rT;
            if (assertValueOnBlur && !rT) {
            if (me.queryFilter && me.queryMode === 'local' && me.clearFilterOnBlur) {
    This option should probably go into the framework. But....

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