I have downloaded the premium addons version 6.5.2, and there seems to be some files missing:

  • ext-addons-6.5.2\packages\d3\src\d3\svg
    • Export.js
    • Svg.js

  • ext-addons-6.5.2\packages\d3\src\d3\lib
    • d3_cmd.js

  • ext-addons-6.5.2\packages\d3\src\d3\legend
    • Color.js
    • Legend.js

  • ext-addons-6.5.2\packages\d3\src\d3\mixin
    • Detached.js
    • ToolTip.js

Without the files, my ap (which is upgraded to 6.5.2) won't build

Is it safe to copy these files from the 6.5.1 release of the premium addons, since the missing files are present in that release???