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Thread: ExtJs Premium - Exporter plugin error

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    Default ExtJs Premium - Exporter plugin error

    Hi all,
    i try to add Ext.grid.plugin.Exporter in my project in SA.
    I'm Premium User, i downloaded the package and then uploaded the files into the packages folder inside ext/ of my project.
    On build web app from SA or from CMD,
    there is an error:

    [INF] Processing Build Descriptor : default (development environment)
    [ERR] Cannot satisfy requirements for "exporter"!
    [ERR] The following versions cannot be satisfied:
    [ERR] ZG: exporter (No matches!)

    Any idea how solve this?
    In SA i can't remove "exporter" from resources->library...

    Luca F.

    Channel: 4.2-stable
    Platform: - darwin x64
    Renderer: 56.0.2924.87
    Framework: Ext JS 6.2.x Classic

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    Did you make sure to get the Premium Addon package for 6.2.1 and not 6.5.x? I just attempted this myself and it compiled without error. I downloaded and moved the exporter directory to {MyApp}/ext/packages/exporter and started app watch to verify it met the requirements. It builds successfully. Remove that directory and I get the same error as you.
    Tristan Lee
    Sencha Inc - Sustaining Engineer

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    Thanks tristan.lee,

    Your suggested solution worked for me also.

    I copied exporter folder from downloaded libraries from sencha (from "ext-addons-6.6.0/packages/exporter") to my workspace directory (webapp/ext/packages)

    Which solved the problem now i can build my exporter application without error.

    Thank You very much...!!!

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