I'm trying to create an extension.
I follow the guide in the sencha doc.
In the architect/myextensiondef.js file, i put this config :

  configs: [{
      name: 'area',
type: 'store',
hidden: false,
initialValue: false,
doc: 'The Ext.data.Store holding the area to be rendered into the map (required).'
      name: 'src',
type: 'string',
hidden: false,
initialValue: '',
doc: 'The path of the image to map (required).'
When i use myextension in Architect, i can select a store for the "area" config.

            xtype: 'imagemap',
            area: 'MapStore',
            src: 'resource/image/us_map.png'
But when i launch the app in the browser, this.area is set to the name of the store, not the store object itself.
I don't know what is the mistake.