Dear Community,

Calling SetActiveTab() to activate a tab item causes stack trace intermittently. But this doesn't happen when the actual tab header is clicked by a user.
Below is the error message.

CellContext.js:136 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isModel' of null
at constructor.setRow (CellContext.js:136)
at constructor.setPosition (CellContext.js:103)
at constructor.getDefaultFocusPosition (Table.js:2386)
at constructor.onFocusEnter (Table.js:2079)
at constructor.onGlobalFocus (ComponentManager.js:258)
at (Event.js:475)
at constructor.doFireEvent (Observable.js:814)
at constructor.prototype.doFireEvent (EventDomain.js:295)
at constructor.fireEventArgs (Observable.js:653)
at constructor.fireEvent (Observable.js:606) setRow
@ CellContext.js:136 setPosition
@ CellContext.js:103 getDefaultFocusPosition
@ Table.js:2386 onFocusEnter
@ Table.js:2079 onGlobalFocus
@ ComponentManager.js:258 fire
@ Event.js:475 doFireEvent
@ Observable.js:814 prototype.doFireEvent
@ EventDomain.js:295 fireEventArgs
@ Observable.js:653 fireEvent
@ Observable.js:606 processFocusIn
@ Focus.js:102 publishDelegatedDomEvent
@ Focus.js:36 doDelegatedEvent
@ Dom.js:466 onDelegatedEvent
@ Dom.js:448 (anonymous)
@ Function.js:148 focus
@ Element.js:2357 focus
@ Focusable.js:252 focus
@ Table.js:1305 setActiveItem
@ Card.js:421 setActiveTab
@ Panel.js:554 handler
@ HeaderMenu.js:27 callback
@ Util.js:108 fireHandler
@ Button.js:1648 onClick
@ Button.js:1626 fire
@ Event.js:475 fire
@ Dom.js:436 publish
@ Dom.js:390 publishGestures
@ Gesture.js:345 onTouchEnd
@ Gesture.js:541 publishDelegatedDomEvent
@ Gesture.js:433 doDelegatedEvent
@ Dom.js:466 onDelegatedEvent
@ Dom.js:448 (anonymous)
@ Function.js:148