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Thread: dynmic loaded html to tab pannel not show auto

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    Default dynmic loaded html to tab pannel not show auto

    I'm test extjs.
    I've some old code, I don't rewrite everything.

    My old code is a lot's of partial view (c# mvc razor). It will gererate some HTML + JS CODE (SlickerGrid related).

    I create a tabs, and then, dynamic load the partial view into one tab added. The code looks like this

    //load after user click
    function loadPartialViewToTab(tabs, url,title)
    var tab = tabs.add({
       title: title,
               xtype: 'panel',        layout: 'fit',
            closable :true,
            title: title,
            loader: {//Ext.ComponentLoader
                autoLoad: true,
                loadMask: true,
                url: url,
                scripts: true
    the partial view is loaded as expected.
    But only one thing abnormal: it was not showed.
    If a switch to another TAB, and then switch back, it will show properly.

    It seems some fuction like refresh or reLayout need to be called.

    How to deal with this?

    I have searched google and bing and here, nothing helped.

    I'm using extjs v6.5.2 for test.

    the partial view looks like this

    <div id="GridDiv"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        Ext.onReady(function () {
            //load data from a url and show it via SlickerGrid

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    Try setting the tab to active in the callback of the load call.

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