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Thread: Ext6.5.1 Modern:Combobox editor in grid editable plugin shows no items 2nd time

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    Default Ext6.5.1 Modern:Combobox editor in grid editable plugin shows no items 2nd time


    I have a simple grid with a column which has a combobox editor, editable plugin is configured. When I double tap a row for editing for the first time, the combobox editor shows its items as expected, but when I double tap the row(any row) again, the combobox editor does not show any items this time.


    Steps to replicate:
    1. Browse the fiddle, double tap any row,
    2. In the edit sheet, tap the combobox editor to view its items, they show up as expected.
    3. Cancel/Submit the sheet, repeat step #2, the combobox editor items wont show up as expected.

    Viewing the items in step #2 is important, I believe tapping the combobox is including the list in the DOM, and the destroy called during hiding of sheet is removing it. In step #3, it is not being included again.

    Thank you.

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    OK, this is quite deep. It's to do with the disposability of the form used to edit.

    Ir creates and destroys it on each edit. That's not a great idea, and the plugin should be refactored a little. But it does pull the editor fields out (they are owned by the columns as you see), so that they don't get destroyed when the form is destroyed.

    But what's happening is that the dropdown of any fields that have had their dropdown shown are destroyed. This should not happen. If a field is removed, it gets unrendered, it should also unrender its picker.

    I have added a dirty workaround at

    But it needs fixing properly. If that code ends up in the next released version be afraid. Be very afraid.

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    Thank you for the workaround, would be nice to have this fixed in the next released version.

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