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Thread: Singleton use in Production

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    Default Singleton use in Production

    Hi all,
    I hope this post is seen given the large amount of spam here as of late.
    I'd like to know why when I run a build, that I can still access singleton properties via their original names in the browser's dev tools - shouldn't these details be obfuscated when minifying etc.? Eg.

    This means that a user can simply open the dev tools and possibly break the app by adjusting these values.

    Please advise, thanks.

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    Yes, the class names are not obfuscated.

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    Is this something that we can do for the reasons outlined in my original post?

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    Once your code hits the browser, there really isn't going to be a good way to protect against the console but instead should rely on security on the server side of things. Even with an obfuscated name, it's only a matter of time before someone finds it. Since Ext JS doesn't run in strict mode (if you use callParent) you can get the callee to see where the call came from but even this is easily hacked around.
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