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Thread: Error when saving child session with record with dropped associated phantom records

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    Default Error when saving child session with record with dropped associated phantom records


    A phantom record with an associated many-to-one phantom record in a session cannot be dropped in a child session. It will throw an error.

    We have a setup with models and associations: Customer 1--n Order 1--n OrderLine. On an existing Customer record in a session, we create an Order and OrderLine. We then place the Customer in a child session, drop the Order and save the child session. It wants to drop the OrderLine twice: once because it's associated Order is dropped, then again because it was dropped itself, resulting in an error:

    [E] Cannot drop, record does not exist: [email protected]

    What i expected

    For both the Order and OrderLine to be removed from the parent session without an error being thrown.


    See fiddle here:

    Run the example: it throws an error.

    Comment out the "csOrder.orderLines(); // This line makes all the difference; omit it and all goes well." line and run it again: no error.

    Versions tested

    • Ext JS 6.5 nightly of 09/27/2017 - [Classic] Neptune
    • Ext JS - [Classic] Neptune
    • Ext JS - [Modern] Triton
    • Ext JS - [Classic] Neptune
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