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Thread: Hiding Column Headers on a table

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    Firstly GXT is great! really fun to use.

    I was just wondering if its possible to hide the column headers on a table, reason being I'm using a table for a nice layout of various information, where the value of column 1 is a property-name like 'Name' or 'Telephone Number' and column 2 is the value like 'Bakachu' or '123 456'

    I understand it may be possible to do this layout with Layouts, but I quite like the text formatting and the simplicity of the table approach, the only issue is that I don't really need or want the Column Headers of the table..

    If any one has any advice or of simple other ways to do something similar I would be very appreciative.


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    don't know if this would work, but try this...

    table.getTableHeader().setVisible(false); may have to do this after render, so wrap in a deferredcommand

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    Thank you, that worked a treat. Didn't need the deffered command either, so its everything I was after


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