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Thread: Grid + GraphQL

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    Default Grid + GraphQL

    Would be grateful of any ideas for implementing the Grid component together with GraphQL using infinite scrolling or pagination.

    Have watched the recent tech talk by @Mark.Brocato on utilising GraphQL but this loaded all the data up front. We currently utilise the Apollo client and call the fetch more function to load additional rows as the user scrolls. Have reviewed the various docs etc and cannot see how this would work with data stores/proxy.

    Any help/working fiddle would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to evaluate ExtReact.

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    Totally agree @andydavi. Only thing i've seen is the sample by @mark.brocato, referenced in:

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    I copy that, I'm also really interested in how the Grid component does/will support infinite scrolling/pagination (in my case via react-relay).

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