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Thread: Multiple level of grouping in grids

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    Default issue with multi level grid for click events on expanded button.


    Mutliti level grid is working fine but when i tried to click the (-) button which is not shrinking it is always in expanded mode only.
    I got the following error.

    ReferenceError: batch is not defined


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    Hello, sorry to dig up an old topic.I searched on google so much but it appears that yet there's no extjs version with multi-grouping option, Am I right ?
    Does anyone knows how to implement with mvc ?
    I'm trying to adapt that jaffa code, but its hard, I am new on the extjs

    Where Do I find the Ext.Data.GroupingStore class ?


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    Default Not catching the correct selected record


    Thank you for this great extension!
    That's exactly what I needed.

    But I am facing a major issue.
    When I click on a row, in order to select it and doing further processing, the grid selects the WRONG record!
    If I debug and look the data of the record that is returned by rowselect event, I can see it is a different record, grabbed from elsewhere in the same grid.

    Any idea?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
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