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Thread: Issue with multiple items when running test from CLI

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    Default Issue with multiple items when running test from CLI

    I have a test in which I need to make sure a grid is showing rows. It is not a specific row, as in this scenario, we have no way of knowing what will be the data previously - it is just to check whether the grid is showing rows or not.

    Sencha Studio has the option that I can disable "Fail locators with multiple results", but when I run the tests via CLI (e.g. stc run -p "Embedded" -s test/user/ -n 1 -S http://localhost:1903 -K AssetRegisterUserTests) then the tests fail. Is there any parameter I can use in this command in order to make it not fail when multiple results are found for a locator as well?

    Thanks for the attention!

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    Could you just assert that your grid has a certain number of items by looking for the n-th row? Something like:


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    Hey Craig, thanks for the reply!

    I could do that, however, it won't solve the issue as there will be many other situations where I will need to use multiple results from a locator. I'll give another example:

    I have many portlets opened when the user first login, and I need to close then (it is not know which portlets will be open) before I can start my test. Using JUnit, I would do something like this to achieve it:

    • public void closeAllPortlets() {
    • List<WebElement> list = driver.findElements(By.xpath("//span[@class='x-tab-close-btn']"));

    • for(WebElement el: list) {
    • }
    • }

    Can't seem to find my way around to make this work with Sencha Test (WebDriver) though But once I do, again, will need a way to execute this from the CLI without failures because of the multiple results from a locator.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Dayane--

    I would recommend trying to craft locators that are unique. With the "multiple locators" option, you'll always get the first match, which is not very reliable (especially if there are changes to the application).


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