Hi Guys,

Another newbie here.

Im using sencha architect to develop a simple touch app with a tabpanel (3 tabs) as an initialview.

2 tabs consist of a navigationview, and the cards (panels) for my navigationviews are placed in the loplevel right besides my tabpanel. (please see layout below).

What i would like to know, if how i can get a reference of e.g Cardpanel1 in my controller.

I tried:



But both result in an empty array (viewed in the console)

If it do a Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#MainTabPanel') it does result in getting the component, but not for my CardPanels

I know i can encapsulate all these panels in a container (cardlayout), and use the up() and down() functions, but would like to use that as a last ressort, since i don't want to overnest my app.

Looking forward to your ideas.

|MainTabPanel (InitialView)