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Thread: Combobox: transform by name?

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    Default Combobox: transform by name?

    hi everybody,

    i couldn't really find a thread about this, so i had to start a new one - sorry 'bout that

    i am currently trying to replace a simple <select>-lists with the extjs-combobox. i tried it with static data before and everything worked out fine as expected.

    but the problem now is, that the source code of the site is generated by some other jsp-framework. this framework generates no id-attribute for this <select>-list but only a name-attribute and i couldn't find out, how to transform the <select> to the combobox by name...

    could getElementsByName('xxx')[0] be a possibility? but then i would have to edit the source code of the combobox, and i would very much like to prevent this

    it really would be cool, if someone had a solution for that.

    many thanks in advance,
    - max

    p.s.: very, very good work! please keep on being creative!

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    Transform only supports id's or elements, but you could do this:

    var o ='input[name=myname]', true).first(); //o now references the combo
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    thank you for your quick answer!

    but i still wonder how to transform the box i have to convert it via the new var o like in the last line of my current snippet below?

    var o ='input[name=xx_name_xx]', true).first(); 
            var extList = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
                typeAhead: true,
                triggerAction: 'all',

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    thanks. finally, i got it on my own

    for everybody else:

    just change the transform-parameter to the dom-node-reference by writing document.getElementsByName('xx_name_xx')[0]

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