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Thread: [6.5.1 classic] Layout loop on charts using bottom/top legend on too narrow canvas

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [6.5.1 classic] Layout loop on charts using bottom/top legend on too narrow canvas

    If a chart is too narrow to fit one legend entry, and the legend is positioned above/below (docked top/bottom), then Ext.chart.legend.SpriteLegend.performLayout() will enter an infinite loop.

    The following fiddle adds an override that prevents layout from running when that will happen -- it aborts execution instead of looping. If you comment the lines that abort execution, then the endless loop will happen. More instructions and tips on reproducing the issue (without closing the whole browser) within the fiddle:
    - Long chart legend Infinite loop.

    It does not matter whether the chart is pie, column sprite or the ordinary, non-sprite, legend. The performLayout() from Ext.chart.legend.SpriteLegend is called.

    Adjusting the chart width to the amount informed in the crafted Ext.Error() message avoids the issue.

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    This bug was reported more than one year ago. And there is no reply.
    Does that framework is no longer supported?

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