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Thread: Generate sencha package and multi package loader questions

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    Default Generate sencha package and multi package loader questions

    I'm able to create a ExtReact new project and i'm curious to know that do we have a command to generate new package under ~/ext-react/packages and use it in ~/src folder?

    Could i apply Multi Package as demo from for ExtReact app?


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    The ext-react/packages directory is only for Ext JS packages. In most cases, the only type of Ext JS package you'll use with ExtReact is a theme package. The ExtReact yeoman generator creates a theme package and puts it in ext-react/packages when it creates a new application. If for some reason you want to create an additional theme package, you can follow the instructions here:

    You can also add Ext JS code packages (code packages define custom components) to ext-react/packages, but generally this would only be done by teams that have previously developed their own Ext JS modern components and want to reuse them. React developers new to ExtReact should develop composite components the React way, by extending React.Component.

    Once a package is added to ext-react/packages, it is automatically included in the build and any components included therein can be imported from "@extjs/ext-react" via the capitalized version of their xtype. For example, given a component whose xtype is "foobar", you can import it via:

    import { FooBar } from '@extjs/ext-react'
    Or you can use reactor's reactify function:

    import { reactify } from '@extjs/reactor'
    const FooBar = reactify('foobar') // reactify by xtype

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