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Thread: Make invalid a field in a form panel

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    Default Make invalid a field in a form panel

    can I make a field of a form panel invalid manually?
    For example if I make a form panel with several TextField, then I want to test a particular condition ONLY WHEN I click on Submit button. So I can't use field.setValidator() because validation in make on focus lost, instead I want to validate a particular field only when I click on submit button.

    So there is the possibility to call a method of the field as: field.setInvalid(String description) or something similar?

    Thanks a lot

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    I think is

    public void markInvalid(java.lang.String msg)


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    Thanks cgraf,
    sorry maybe I'm tired because this method is passed inobserved by me


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    in my tests I've noticed that the markInvalid not make form invalid! Why?


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