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Thread: How to translate Ext GWT's messages?

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    where I have to put these file for the translatrion work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Branco View Post
    Here is the translations for pt_PT (and also for just pt).

    These were made from the pt_BR provided earlier. They have minor modifications (only the nuances from Portuguese to Brazilian).

    Another thing corrected was the fact that the was NOT in UTF-8 and therefore all accentuations were being displayed incorrectly.

    Both files (pt_PT and pt) are now in UTF-8 and showing words correctly.

    Please be so kind as to include them in the next release of GXT (so that we don't have to manually insert them in the jar file...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rvanlaak View Post

    I've translated the XMessages properties file to the dutch language. Think it might be usefull for you guys. Dutch is mij primary language, but i've used Google Translate as a basis. The weird thing was that Google translated it very well, funny to see...

    The translation is for 95% acurate, because i wanted to keep some translations at the same text width...
    Thanks, I am founding it

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