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Thread: Need help on ComboBox

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    Default Need help on ComboBox


    I have no clue why this is happening... If anyone seen this before or know what might be the cause of it, please help!!!

    I have a form which contains a textField (user) and a comboBox (user role). If I tab through the textField without entering anything, it gives an '!' warning at the end of the textField and when mouse over it, the blankText shows. When I then tab through the comboBox, the '!' warning shows INSIDE of the comboBox (instead of the end of the comboBox field). When hover over the '!', blankText shows.

    However, I then created a modal window with those two same fields. The '!' shows at the end of the comboBox as expected. So, it's not the comboBox issue. What else could it be???


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