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Thread: Sencha Architect App Watch is so slow

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    Default Sencha Architect App Watch is so slow

    My sencha app watch is so slow.
    I added the logs of restarting the app watch. Instead of just tracking the changes it sounds it starts a something like build process which is really slow and time consuming.
    I uninstalled all other versions of Sencha architect and just installed the version 4.2.2 build 280 but it did not help .

    I have really frustrated and I compare it my colleague's machine there is no difference, still the same project but the Architect behaves completely different on my machine and the I can not understand from the logs what's the problem.
    Did any one exprience the same problem or can check the attached architect console's log to give me an advcie how to solve this issue?
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    I can't open the zip archive. Could you post it here? in the <code> section or something

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