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Thread: How to disable checkbox select/deselect when pressing row up /down keys on grid

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    Default How to disable checkbox select/deselect when pressing row up /down keys on grid

    i want to disable checkbox selection /deselection when we press row up or row down key on grid . how it is possible
    here is the Sencha fiddle for this .
    here you can select any checkbox row by mouse and then you can press key-up or key-down and checkbox will be selected /deselected accordingly . i want to disable this feature

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    Hi Avinash,

    Setting the mode to MULTI or SINGLE would change the behavior of the arrow key to select only one checkbox at the time - The difference being, the MULTI option allows multiple selections using the mouse, or shift + Arrow Down

    However, to completely remove the functionality of checking the box when the arrow key is used may not be possible, out of the box. I would suggest you to create a support ticket in order to look at alternate ways of accomplishing this.

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    You can just set this config to true ...

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