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Thread: Can A TreeItem Be Edited on a Tree/TreeViewer

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    Default Can A TreeItem Be Edited on a Tree/TreeViewer

    I'm using the Tree/TreeViewer classes and I'd like my checkable TreeItems to be editable so that their text labels can be modified. Is this possible? If so, is there a simple example of hooking in this capability? Thanks.

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    This is not possible at this time. However, this feature will most likely be added in a future release.

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    Default TreeViewer Class?

    Hi, I'm going to upgrade to GWT 1.5 RC1, as well as your latest Ext-GWT (aka MyGWET) which supports this version of GWT. I quickly looked through the JAR and I did not see the TreeViewer class. Will the Tree/TreeViewer classes still be supported as they were in MyGWT or do I have to rewrite all this code? Thanks!

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