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Thread: [CLOSED] Unable to run in web mode !

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    Exclamation [CLOSED] Unable to run in web mode !

    Argh, I cannot run my application in web mode neither on FF or IE6...
    I get a javascript error. Here is the Firebug output :
    invalid assignment left-hand side
    zUb(SET_ADMINISTRATION_PERSPECTIVE (Event Type: 800200) j=800200 tI=66 b=false h=true, SET_ADMINISTRATION_PERSPECTIVE b=SET_ADMINISTRATION_PERSPECTIVE c=11 a=800200 tI=68)42B741716C203B35D... (line 763)
    DHb([email protected] $H=1 tI=18 g=false k=false)42B741716C203B35D... (line 141)
    xDb([email protected] m=[80000, 80001, 80002, 80003, 80004] $H=2 tI=4)42B741716C203B35D... (line 16)
    uke()42B741716C203B35D... (line 4723)
    gwtOnLoad(undefined, "com.simu.siment.SimentGUI", "http://localhost:8080/siment_gui/")42B741716C203B35D... (line 4724)
    gc()com.simu.sim... (line 2)
    b()com.simu.sim... (line 8)
    42B741716C203B35DAEC215C36092674.cache.html()42B741716C203B35D... (line 4726)
    _=zEc.prototype=new Dtc();_.gC=DEc;_.tS=EEc;_.tI=65;_.a=null;_.b=false;_.c=null;...
    Since I have no issue in hosted mode, I guess this is a GWT bug. Any idea for where it comes from ? what is this Dtc object ??

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    Haaa much better with beta5 !
    Actually, I don't have yet this issue but I get an explicit error popup telling me that a service is not accessible (I forgot some servlets declaration in web.xml).
    I guess it was the same issue but without an explicit message (I guess Dtc is for Data Transfer Connection, or something equivalent).

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