This is probably already answered or detailed somewhere but I seem unable to properly search for the thread on within the guides around https://docs.sencha.com/cmd/6.5.1/gu...s/cmd_app.html.

How can I rebuild ExtJS commercial package using Sencha CMD (currently

I don't also have the pivot, d3, calendar and pivot-d3 packages (sencha commercial alone, no extra subscriptions) so I should be skipping resources that needs them. Not sure what to look for to prevent their "child subpackages" to build (and break).

I basically want to refresh build/ext-all-debug.js and the other -debug files so that they are not compressed (filled with $jscomp everywhere).

Seems Sencha CMD default installation memory limit settings (sencha.vmoptions) with -Xms128m, -Xmx1024m is not enough to build ExtJS 6.5.1, I needed to push that to, respectively, 256m and 2048m.

But I may be doing it wrong. Here's what I tried. I have cmd installed on the same root directory I extracted the ExtJS 6.5.1 commercial package, so from extjs-6.5.1 folder I can just ..\cmd\sencha.exe to call cmd executable. Then I try this:

..\cmd\sencha.exe build
It seems to be running thru most steps (and breaking in the missing specific-subscription-packages like pivot, calendar and d3).

Am I doing the right thing, just to refresh the package's build/* folder?

My objective is just get the ext-all-debug.js and the other -debug files without those compression $jscomp things so they are again "readable" like they were down to ExtJS 6.5.0, but I guess this will lead to another discussion. Without being able to build it I won't be able to skip this compression setting at all.