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Thread: Grid: Paging of JavaScript Array already in memory

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    Quote Originally Posted by hendricd View Post
    You'll need to replace this function:

    var fn = function(r1, r2){
        return r1 < r2;
    var fn = function(r1, r2){
        return r1 == r2?0:r1 < r2?-1:1;
    to get the sorting to work properly.
    i fixed this in
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    Quote Originally Posted by trbs View Post
    i fixed this in

    hi trbs,

    I am using ext.ux.pagingmemoryproxy and reading the data from an array in my local file. I have the data locally, and not reading it from any server. I am using gridfilters and the filtering is done only on the current displayed page and not across all the pages. I found in various posts that filtering does not work properly in pagingmemoryproxy. Is there a way to filter across all the pages ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by trbs View Post
    i fixed this in
    I see the following code in

    HTML Code:
      if (this.customFilter!=null) {
       result.records = result.records.filter(this.customFilter);
       result.totalRecords = result.records.length;
      } else if (params.filter!==undefined) {
       result.records = result.records.filter(function(el){
           if (typeof(el)=="object"){
         var att = params.filterCol || 0;
         return String([att]).match(params.filter)?true:false;
           } else {
         return String(el).match(params.filter)?true:false;
       result.totalRecords = result.records.length;
    how can we use customfilter in our code ?

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    Dear All,

    Finally after spending my time googling I stumble upon this thread which pretty much everything I want. The problem is I'm so much a newbie that I don't quite understand most of the things in here. My question is, I use for my datastore. In order to use this I need to convert it into BufferedMemoryProxy. But how do I populate the BufferedMemoryProxy from database since the BufferedMemoryProxy only take local objects?

    Thank you very much and sorry if this question is such a silly one. I search, googled and trying to understand various tutorials but all failed .

    Btw I'm using extjs 3 already. Let me know if this technique available on the newest version .

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    Default Paging for JSON store + AjaxProxy

    Hi, is there any posibility to make paging toolbar operate for JSON store with AjaxProxy? Symptoms: Toolbar shows correct page number but grid didn not reflect paging toolbar page selection.
    Source: local txt file with json record structure.

    Thanks in advice

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