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Thread: Issue accessing the production build (Sencha ExtJS 6.5.1)

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    Default Issue accessing the production build (Sencha ExtJS 6.5.1)

    I have followed the steps getting started steps in When I am running the app by using sencha app watch, it works perfectly fine without any console error under http://localhost:1841/.

    When I use sencha app build, under the build folder and production, I see MyApp. When I copy MyApp folder to wwwroot and try to access the index.html from my localhost (I do have IIS & windows 7), I get the below error:

    Does anyone know what is wrong or probably what am I doing wrong?
    P.S. I tried the development version of the build and got the same error.

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    Could you maybe post what is on line 98 in index.html?

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