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Thread: How to clone store current values

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    Default How to clone store current values

    I have this code'missionId', i);
    var missionSteps =;;

    I expected that after getData I will have unchanged cloned values. I have link to array instead of new array, so after filter is cleared I get more values than I need.

    Ext.clone and Ext.Array.clone didn't work. When I tried lodash _.clone - it worked fine. Is there a way to do that using only ExtJS?

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    I'm exactly on the same.

    it will be a nice feature having some thing like this:
    -------------- CODE
    let clonedStore = someOtherStore.clone();
    (clonedStore.getAt(0).getId() !== (clonedStore.getAt(0).getId()) == true ? console.log('success') : console.log('failure');
    ------------- END CODE

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    Have you checked out ChainedStore. You can give it a source store and can filter/sort it without affecting the source store.
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