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Thread: What is the workflow for using Sencha Cmd?

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    Default What is the workflow for using Sencha Cmd?

    I generated a starter app using:
    sencha -sdk </path/to/ext-js> generate app classic TestApp testapp

    After this, I keep two terminals open. One where 'sencha app watch' is running, one where I am doing my development (i.e. working on the app itself).
    So far so good.

    But two things:
    1. The application folder is about 127MB in size. All of it is in 'build' and 'ext'. Why is it so much? Shouldn't 'sencha cmd' be storing exactly what my app needs in the 'ext' folder? I am currently using nothing but tab panel, grid, pagingtoolbar (and maybe a few other things). Also, I am using only 'theme-classic', why is 'sencha cmd' throwing in everything in 'ext' folder? How do I ask it to clean things up?
    - I realize that I should version control only my application files, and not the 'ext' and 'build' folders.

    2. Once I have something ready to start hosting on my separate web server, do I need to copy over the entire 127MB folder to my DOCROOT? or is there a sencha command to just bundle up the minimal required things and I copy over that folder to my DOCROOT?


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    Have you tried a production build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Schlosberg View Post
    Have you tried a production build?
    Yes, tried 'sencha app build --production'
    The disk usage of the current working directory is still 120MB.

    Should I copy the contents of <cwd>/build/production/ to my DOCROOT on the server? I see only a minified app.js there. Does this app.js contain all my views/controllers etc. embedded in it?
    The size of this app.js is 1.6M. And my app is just beginning! What is the usual size of this file? Will it not be ultra slow (at least the first time) for end users of my web app then?

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