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Thread: SA 4.2 - Dialog not work on Design View

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    Default SA 4.2 - Dialog not work on Design View

    Hi all,
    from a blank project, Dialog component don't show on design view.
    Dialog is present on Project Inspector.
    Adding a button component on dialog, same problem on design view.
    Any idea?

    Channel: 4.2-stable
    Platform: - darwin x64
    Renderer: 56.0.2924.87
    Framework: Ext JS 6.5.x Modern

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    Dialog is problematic component. It requires to call .show() and it "floats", so far we don't have a way to display this on canvas in SA. It's the same problem like with Ext.Msg

    You can solve it this way:

    Create the content of the dialog (if you need something bigger in it) in a different class. Container or something. And than link it using 'items'. The dialog than handles only the buttons.


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