Hello **/*,

First question: is it possible tuning 'sencha app watch' scope with new folders without adding it to app.build scope?

Second one: is it possible remove some specific files or folder out of stndard watching scope and then prevent rebuild triggering by file change.

I'm looking a solution for my own source code preprocessing before sencha build is running.

My solution works for plain vanilla
sencha app build
, but under
sencha app watch
changing in anttemplate folder doesn't trigger project rebuild.

<target name="-before-build"><loadproperties srcfile="${app.dir}/.config/app/${build.environment}.properties"/>

    <property name="anttemplate.dir" value="${app.dir}/anttemplate" />

    <copy todir="${app.dir}" verbose="true" overwrite="true" failonerror="true">
        <fileset dir="${anttemplate.dir}"/>


Thanks in advance,