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Thread: "Bare minimum", or Share Your Custom Builds

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    Default "Bare minimum", or Share Your Custom Builds

    I'm working on a kiosk project that uses Ext, but our UI is all custom images and I don't use any Ext widgets or components. When it comes down to it the main things I use Ext for are DOM manipulation, Ajax, and animation. With over 1800 files in the full installation, Ext is not a fun folder to copy or upload.

    Obviously, a lot of the files are not needed in production (sample code, documentation, etc.), so I quickly began to look for ways to cut down the file count. I now have an Ext folder that consists of only 4 files whose combined and uncompressed size is around 250kb -- about half the size of the default ext-all.js alone.

    I know a lot of people who browse these forums are newer developers who may not be comfortable figuring out exactly what they need to keep on their production system, so I figured I'd share my "bare minimum" solution. Keep in mind, if you use any Ext UI components this will not be enough, but you can definitely use it for DOM and CSS manipulation, Ajax with JSON parsing, animation, and HTML templates.

    Directory Structure:
    That's it; four files. S.gif is moved from resources/images/default/s.gif and ext.js is from the Build Your Own page and includes only Ext Core, Core - Utilities, and Connection.js.

    Please share other builds or configurations you've found to be useful, even if they're for seemingly specific purposes. Someone else may be in a similar situation and get a lot out of that info.

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    ext-all.css is not really needed and is way too much for what you're using ext for

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    ext-all.css is not really needed and is way too much for what you're using ext for
    Some dynamic div sizing and other manipulation didn't work as expected when I left out ext-all.css entirely, but as I mentioned above there is definitely a ton that can be cut out of it if you don't use any UI components or widgets.

    Since we're not yet set up with proper CVS at work, we do a lot of passing revisions around on thumb drives, zipping up packages, uploading to servers, etc. I was so happy experiencing a 45,000% improvement in transfer time that I figured I could leave the full css file for now

    But absolutely, for optimization's sake I could probably reduce that to the "reset" code and not much else.

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