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Thread: checkbox header with row click is not working properly

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    Default checkbox header with row click is not working properly

    I am using a grid with multiple rows each row having checkbox . If you selectAll by clicking header checkbox , and deselect by clicking any row ,header checkbox is also getting deselected .
    This works as expected in version 6.0.1 Classical tool kit .Fiddle example is given bellow

    but same code does not work in ext 6.5.1 , if you select all by header checkbox , and deselect any row header checkbox is not getting deselected for first time . Fiddle is given bellow

    i nee​d to use row click in checkbox model with header checkbox . please suggest me what to do

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    It seems to work in this simplified test case:

    Can I ask why you are setting checkOnly to true and then simulating the opposite behavior in the rowclick listener?

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    Yes you are right , checkOnly property was causing problem as given in this fiddle

    But i still have a doubt why same code is behaving differently in two versions

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