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Thread: Position a non-floating formPanel

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    Default Position a non-floating formPanel

    I have a formPanel which is set to 'floating:false' yet I want to position this panel somewhere else on the screen.

    I tried using x: y: pageX: pageY: and have had no success. I also tried setPosition(300,300) but its not working and also not blowing up, so maybe im using it wrong.

    I am a javascript noob so try and be as specific as you can, thanks

    p.s. if I set floating to true then positioning starts working, I need my windows relative though.

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    var q = new Ext.form.TextField({
    fieldLabel: 'Query',
    name: 'q',
    anchor: '98%'

    var nonfloat = new Ext.FormPanel({
    frame: true,
    labelAlign: 'right',
    labelWidth: 85,
    height: 200,
    width: 200,
    floating: true,


    floating:false, = x: y: is also false
    floating:true, = x: y: is also true


    how can you reposition the FormPanel if you set floating: to false using x: and y: hahaha

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    I think I wasn't specific enough in my descriptions,

    What I meant is how do I position a panel that has 'Relative' positioning aka non floating - since if you enable floating, the panel automatically becomes 'Absolute' positioning.

    I need a bunch of panels relative to another, except I need them to start from the center of the window for example.

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    I think you still may not be getting specific enough.
    It sounds like you want a layout though, is there a reason why the Ext layout functions arent desired?

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    ok let me try putting it down like this:

    if 3 panels have 'relative' positioning the first panel will have the position x:0, y:0, and each panel after the first panel will be located right below the previous panel. If panel 2 collapses then panel 3 will shift up as panel 2 is closing. All panels are relative one to another.

    if 3 panels have 'absolute' positioning none of the panels will apear unless you set x:100 y:100 (or any other coords). panles can only become absolute is 'floating:true'. if you give these panels the same x,y coords they will overlap one over another and will not be effected by any other panels around or on top of them.

    THE PROBLEM: the 'relative' panels will not change their position from x:0, y:0 no matter what I do. I'd like them to be relative and still effected by panels the come below to them except I do not want them at x:0, y:0.

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    i would set my floating to true but i would make additional codes to set the positioning of the formpanel ^_^ you set your a variable to your x: and y: so that when to choose the formpanel you want it will have the specific position where you want it to be positioned you can also use functions to do the task of re positioning but floating will always be true

    you mean it like this????

    |FormPanel 1| |FormPanel 2| |FormPanel 3|

    |FormPanel 2| |FormPanel 1| |FormPanel 3|

    |FormPanel 2| |FormPanel 3| |FormPanel 1|

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    hi jameslenig...

    if i dont misunderstand what you mean.... you dont wanna start your first panel at x: 0, y:0
    but you do still want the behaviour of the relative position...

    i'm playing with ext-2.1/examples/portal/portal.html
    this is what you want right? the relative behaviour...

    and setting the style:'padding:100px 0 10px 10px', hola... the first panel is going down...

    just ignore my message if this is not what you want...

    edit: and i think devnull is right... why dont you use layout?

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