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Thread: CSS default classes

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    Default CSS default classes

    Hello, where can I find all the default classes that get applied to the elements?

    For example, in the admin dashboard example, in the scss file, it references the class x-window-body and x-window-default forthe Ext.window.Window.

    And I cannot find it on the doc page for Ext.window.Window

    Is there a place where I can find these classes that get attached automatically? Or do I have to just inspect the elements in the browser and figure those out?

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    I don't know anything in the docs that displays that information. I'm afraid you'd have to inspect the elements.

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    Maybe, that would be a nice feature to be added in the docs. I don't think it's easy to figure out the exact state of the elements when the classes are attached or removed. Or is it that, not many developers use these classes and that's why they don't appear in the docs?

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