Hi all,

When writing my components I have been trying to support data-binding on my configs, and have run into an issue that I cannot understand.

Here is a fiddle that demonstrates the issue I am seeing: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#view/editor&fiddle/249a

ParentContainer is backed by a store and it generates child components for each of the records in the store. Its view model also has a bit of data that it wants to share with all children.

In updateStore, it loops through all the records in the store an sets the record on the config.

In the initViewModel of the child controller the record is set on its ViewModel so it can be bound to the first two fields in the view. The third field on the child is bound to the someDataForChildren data on the parent view model.

This all works as expected.

However, if I wanted to make the record config bindable, I would have to add an updateRecord method to copy the new record onto the record data into the ViewModel if it changes, as on line 94.

If you uncomment line 94, you will notice that suddenly, the Shared Data field is no longer populated by the data that it is bound to from the parent ViewModel.

Is anyone able to comment on why this is happening and how I can support binding to my record config whilst keeping the inherited someDataForChildren data?

Many thanks,