Hi, I am trying to build a Sencha App that has two different versions of the same controllers (MyApp.controller.v1.MainController and MyApp.controller.v2.MainController) and the same views (MyApp.view.v1.MainView and MyApp.view.v2.MainView). I initially use Ext.require to register all the classes for the controllers and the views then depending on some business logic I use Ext.create to instantiate the right version of the controller. This was working perfectly fine in Ext Touch 4.2. I am now trying to port the existing functionality to ExtJS 6.5.

The problem I am seeing in my local env is that I can see the MainView (MyApp.view.v2.MainView) gets rendered twice, one on top of another. I have tried to recreate the same problem in the fiddle but cant reproduce it.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.