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Thread: ExtJS 6.5.1 classic: Ext.chart.series.Bar3D wrong category axis type in docs

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    Default ExtJS 6.5.1 classic: Ext.chart.series.Bar3D wrong category axis type in docs

    In the docs here:

    It says:

    Note: 'bar3d' series is meant to be used with the Ext.chart.axis.Category axis as its x-axis.
    In other words, it points towards using Ext.chart.axis.Category class for its x-axis.

    But when I load it, I get an error (not warning, the page fails to load!):

    'bar3d' series should be used with a 'category3d' axis. Please refer to the 'bar3d' series docs.
    So, I guess the docs is not consistent with the code, right?

    Notice it will only raise the error when in debug mode. Strange though, shouldn't it be throwing a warning instead? See here:
    Ext.chart.series.Bar3D.updateXAxis() code.
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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a documentation bug in our bug tracker.

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