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Thread: [ERR] Unable to load required framework: [email protected]

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    Default [ERR] Unable to load required framework: [email protected]

    While trying to build/publish my app I get the error of '[ERR] Unable to load required framework: [email protected]' in my output window of VS, and in the error list page I get
    The command "C:\Dev\Frameworks\Cmd\\sencha.exe app build" exited with code 321.

    I am not sure what is going on here and I have tried rebuilding multiple times.

    I am running cmd and ext

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    Do you get any more information if you run the build in debug mode?
    C:\Dev\Frameworks\Cmd\\sencha.exe -d app build

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    I ran that and got a 'was last modified by a different version of cmd'. I then set the path to the from the tools>senchca>cmd to the right version( but I am still getting the same error.

    The command "C:\Dev\Frameworks\Cmd\\sencha.exe app build" exited with code 321.

    It is pointing to a file called

    ProjectName.Web.wpp.targets file on line 34 from my Web project.

    <_CustomFiles Include="obj\Release Qa\Package\PackageTmp\build\production\**\*;Sencha\build\production\**\*;obj\Release Qa\Package\PackageTmp\build\production\**\*;Sencha\build\production\**\*;obj\Release Qa\Package\PackageTmp\build\production\**\*;Sencha\build\production\**\*;obj\Release Qa\Package\PackageTmp\build\production\**\*;Sencha\build\production\**\*" />
    <FilesForPackagingFromProject Include="%(_CustomFiles.Identity)">
    </FilesForPackagingFromProject> <-- This is line 34

    Would this have anything to do with our webconfig transformation files were deleted and we don't currently have any, and I am trying to push to QA.

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