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Thread: Accordion doesn't fill available height

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    Default Accordion doesn't fill available height

    I'm upgrading my GXT app from GXT2 to GXT4 and using an accordian layout in the WEST panel of my Border Layout.

    The layout gets initialised as part of the onAfterFirstAttach event and this includes creating the individual ContentPanels. For some reason the accordion doesn't fill the available height - a space is left at the bottom of the panel as can be seen in the attached.

    If I resize the browser the panel then resizes correctly and all is fine. This leads me to thinking my code that sets up the layout etc. is correct but I may have a timing problem - i.e. the creation/layout of the accordion is maybe happening too soon in the rendering process.

    Any help or pointers would be greatly received.

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    Typically I find when the child container is not sizing as expected usually leads to the parent container not passing down the size to the child container. This usually happens if the parent container is a flow container, or the some grand parent is. Or when adding a child container does not have layout data set. More on that here:

    If you could mock up an example to illustrate your issue, I could help provide options to fix it. If you want to try listing your containers as a small text tree with the sizes or layoutdata, might provide hints. The quickest is a mock up that I can run locally and send back options.

    Does that help?

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