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Thread: What is the proper adjustment for CRUD process to Java server?

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    Default What is the proper adjustment for CRUD process to Java server?

    Hi to all,

    I am trying to make CRUD actions through a grid panel. I can easily fetch the data on grid via IP-url but when i try to create, update or delete, I am facing with HTTP-Status errors such as 400, 415, 500. How should configure the Model and Store settings for CRUD action on ExtJS 5.1.1?

    Here is a sample JSON structure which i get from Java-server and i have only this url "http://localIP:port/orest/agency/" :

            "id": 71183,
            "code": "71183",
            "description": "desc",
            "tel": 123456,
            "email": "[email protected]",    
    Thanks a lot.

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    Here's an example that might help:

    You might try posting your store and model code so that others can make suggestions.

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