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Thread: [FIXED] [GXT Beta2]Bug Tree.getSelectionModel().deselectAll()

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    Default [FIXED] [GXT Beta2]Bug Tree.getSelectionModel().deselectAll()

    Tree.getSelectionModel().deselectAll() after this item in tree not selected any more if deselect like this List<TreeItem> list = tree.getSelectionModel().doGetSelectedItems()
    and deselect by item it wrok normal (Item select after this)

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    Fix is in SVN.

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    Default Tree.getSelectionModel().deselectAll() doesn't work in gxt 2.2.3


    It looks like Tree.getSelectionModel().deselectAll() doesn't work in gxt 2.2.3. Also, the selection mode SelectionMode.SINGLE doesn't seem to work either.

    Can I work around these issues? Will it be fixed in the next release, and when would that be?

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