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    I was wondering if there is any "easy" method to add a description text beside an Ext.form.Field. (text, combo, check, ...)

    Like: Label: [Field] DescriptionText

    I don't want to use a fieldcontainer (field+displayfield) - which would be the first obvious approach...

    Reason beeing - I want to add/remove/edit the description on the fly.
    Then I would need to encapsulate all my fields within fieldcontainers (which would bloat the markup) - just a few fields need the description displayed...

    I tried overwriting the Ext.form.Labelable (labelableRenderTpl) mixin - but without any luck,..
    (Overwriting mixins seems not possible?)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    I would use a container with hbox layout to encapsulate the textfield and displayfield. Then, set the label of the fields. If there is only one instance, you can use an ID on the display field to dynamically set it's label easily. (using Ext.getCmp('displayfield's ID').setValue(whatever))

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