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Thread: Ext.field.File Ext Js 6.5 modern Drag & Drop functionality

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    Default Ext.field.File Ext Js 6.5 modern Drag & Drop functionality

    Hello everyone,

    I am using the Ext.field.File in my form for upload of documents.
    Is there a way to support file drag & drop on the input element ?
    I have tried to define the element as an Ext.drag.Target and implement the listeners but the onDrag gets called somehow randomly when file is dragged. Looks like drag is not called on all the childs.
    Anyone had this issue ?

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    Perhaps this might help you?

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    Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately this is not exactly what I need.
    I have to have the possibility to upload a file via browse button (standard functionality of Ext.field.File) and drag and drop.

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    I'm very interested to this, basically what i need is a filefield, but in addition to the browse button i need the possibility to drag and drop a file in the component and have the same final effect when i do the form submit later

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