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Thread: [enhancement] Reference correct tree widget for in modern docs

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    Default [enhancement] Reference correct tree widget for in modern docs

    In the introductory (class) docs for are referencing a classic widget, which obviously doesn't exist in modern.

    I would suggest to change the paragraph from
    * The TreeStore must be used as the store of a {@link Ext.tree.Panel tree panel}.
    * A TreeStore is typically used for tree widgets, such as a {@link Ext.tree.Panel tree panel in the classic toolkit} or a {@link Ext.grid.Tree tree grid in the modern toolkit}.
    This way, there will be dead links for both toolkits, but I assume a dev will hardly be confused by this.

    Furthermore this removes the erroneous obligation that such a store must be used by a tree panel (you could use such a store just as well for some internal data management w/o ever instantiating any tree widget). I assume it was originally intended to be formulated the other way round (i.e. "a tree panel must reference a TreeStore in its store config").

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a documentation bug in our bug tracker.

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