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Thread: Missing before configuration in route

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for DSGNR-7899 in Architect 4.2.3.
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    Default Missing before configuration in route

    It would be good if the before property could be added when configuring a route. This should work in a similar way as the action property (ie a function is created automatically in the controller with the correct arguments, including the action argument). Obviously this can be done manually using a custom property and custom function but then why use SA...

    SA 4.2 + ExtJS 6.5 classic

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    Thank you for the report. We are already tracking this issue. We have it marked as critical and I hope we will be able to deliver fix soon.


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    I am adding my 'Before' route configuration in initConfig as a workaroud.
    routes: {
    'route-one': 'onRouteOne',
    'route-two/:id': {
    action: 'onRouteTwo',
    conditions: {
    ':id': '([%a-zA-Z0-9-]+)'

    /*Notice some routes like route-one with just a 'named method' in the original routes config will have to have an object assigned, for others such as route-two...the handler already has an object we just need to add the 'before' property.
    initConfig: function() {
    let routes = this.config.routes;
    routes['route-one'] = {before:"onBeforeRouteOne", action:"onRouteOne"};
    routes['route-two/:id'].before = 'onBeforeRouteTwo';
    this.config.routes = routes;

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