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Thread: Layout for panels like dataview

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    Default Layout for panels like dataview

    Hi there,

    I have a lot of Panels (Adresscards) which are placed in a parent container. The parent container is variable in size depending on screen size. My Adresscard-Panel should now be placed like in a Dataview. For example there are 100 Adresscards. If there is enough space for 4 cards in a row then there should be placed 4 cards in 25 rows. If the parent container is resized and there is enough space for 5 cards then there should be place 5 cards in 20 rows. It's like a Dataview with panels and not simple html. How can i do this?

    I'm using Ext 6.2 Classic.

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    Have you looked at the Responsive mixin?

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