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Thread: windows 2003 w/ citrix & IE6 - major ext performance iss

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    Default windows 2003 w/ citrix & IE6 - major ext performance iss

    My post probably doesn't belong in this forum however I'm getting desperate and the ext community is so knowledgeable that I thought I'd press my luck. My company's network consists of Windows 2003 servers (no service packs) with Citrix Metaframe Presenation Server 3.0 and IE 6. And I have serious performance issues with my Ext application (at version 1.0 alpha rev 3). I even have problems running Jack's examples from the documentation while on our servers. The main issue is downloading images. For example, when I run pull up the Complex layout example I see "37 images remaining" in the bottom left of IE. However, when I run my app or the examples locally on XP and IE7 or FF everything works beatifully. I know this forum isn't for network admins but I'm just wondering if any one else has experience these issues in a similar environment and has ANY advice for me. My company is rather small and my network admin is pretty darn unhelpful. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    Have you set Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL to point to a local ref? If not, this could be causing requests to go outside your network.

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    Yes I already have that pointed it to a local file.

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