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Thread: Reason for Failed to download remote catalog

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    Default Reason for Failed to download remote catalog

    I have a Sencha cmd remote repository on one of my webspaces. That worked always without a flaw, but since I have moved the repo to another webspace (domain) that is https instead of http it comes with the warning:

    Failed to download remote catalog : Error downloading
    When I do a curl with the same URL from the command line, it is downloading the contents without a problem. It is the same command line from which I run my Sench CMD statements (Linux).

    So my question is: how does Sencha CMD read the contents from a repository (not with CURL I guess), and what else could I do to make Sencha CMD read my repo without a problem.

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    I had the same Problem today. After checking the logs of my server I figured out that Sencha Cmd have problems with https. I couldn't find a working URL Syntax to use https. SO had to fall back to http.

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