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Thread: No more cmd.jvm.* in sencha.cfg leads to Team City Issues

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    Default No more cmd.jvm.* in sencha.cfg leads to Team City Issues

    I am getting java heap size and GC errors when building apps with complex themes.

    As of cmd 6.5 according to the sencha.cfg located inte Sencha Cmd install folder, the possibility to send jvm arguments to the jvm is now gone. This is a major break.!!

    # On previous versions, this file provided a way to specify the cmd.jvm.* properties
    # to control the execution of the JVM. To accommodate all possible execution scenarios
    # support for these properties has been removed in favor of using the _JAVA_OPTIONS
    # environment variable.

    The proposed way is to set the os environmnet variable _JAVA_OPTIONS instead.

    As this works in most scenarios, this create sproblems in Team City java agents.

    Is there any other way of setting the jvm memory configs on the command line in Sencha Cmd . Or possibility to activate the cmd.jvm.* in sencha cfg again?

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    Just run into this too, although not with TeamCity.

    It seems that Cmd outputs "Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS" to stderr, and so breaks our build.
    Haven't found a way around it yet... did you?
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